Australia’s leading science body, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), has today made an executive call to not trick the entire nation into having false hope that this whole pandemic thing might be over.

In the months since the the COVID-19 outbreak, the CSIRO has been providing research that is forming an integral part of the rapid global response to the recent novel coronavirus.

As part of an international coalition, our scientists’ research will help fast-track the development of a new vaccine.

Outside of the frontline services like science and medicine putting all hands on deck – Australians have been urged by experts to try their best to continue living as normal life as possible while in isolation.

However, with April Fools Day taking place this morning, it has been very hard for companies and organisations around Australia to find a joke that lands in these uncertain times.

The CSIRO are no different, which is why they’ve decided against dropping their classic ‘we found a cure!’ April Fool’s Day prank they had planned.

Spokesperson Dr Brian Niack tells the Betoota Advocate that this was a tough decision, but ultimately they would like to leave the spreading of misinformation about COVID-19 to the Murdoch newspapers and Donald Trump.

Despite being made up of some Australia’s biggest nerds in the country, the CSIRO are known for not being afraid of having a bit of a fun – with their most clicked social media post of 2019 being the April Fool’s Prank that saw them announce that Dr Who had joined their research team.

However, with the pandemic growing more serious by the day, our brave scientists have opted to stay in the labs and give the funny business a miss until next year.

“Sorry. We would have loved to have punk’d you suckers” said the spokesperson today.

“But with over a million Australians expected to lose their jobs and a hospital system that will likely reach full capacity in the next couple of weeks – we’ve made the call to not make this joke” says Brian Niack.

“Would’ve been good but ahaha”


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