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In an unusual turn of events at a popular Korean BBQ restaurant in Sydney, a Queensland bloke visiting his mates in the big city was seen instinctively pouring a  beer onto a sizzling hotplate, leading to him and his entire party getting kicked out.

Jack Riley, 27, is reported to have made the gaffe at Newtown’s popular BBQ restaurant ‘Seoul Sizzle’, with his friends reporting that they’d all been enjoying the interactive experience of grilling meat at the table when he suddenly reached for his beer and poured it over the hotplate.

“It happened so fast,” recounted Jane Winger, who was present that evening, “one moment we were all chatting and grilling, and the next, there was a loud sizzling noise and a lot of steam. Everyone just stared in disbelief.”

Riley, who appeared nonchalant about the whole affair, later explained his actions.

 “I guess it was just a reflex,” he said. “I’ve done a lot of backyard barbecuing, and it’s just what you do. Gives it a bit of extra flavour, you know?”

While his friends found the incident amusing, the restaurant staff were less entertained.

“We’re always getting idiots in here, getting drunk off their tits on Soju”, fumed Kwun Park, owner of the restaurant, “now some dickhead ruins our hot plate because of some backwards state cultural tradition.”

More to come.


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