In a groundbreaking study that has left cultural commentators scratching their heads, it appears that the lines between the inner city hipster and the pig latin speaking adlay are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish. As gentrification continues its relentless march, the once-clear boundaries between blow in and local are dissolving.

Researchers conducted an extensive ethnographic study, spending countless hours observing and interviewing subjects in their natural habitats – overpriced pubs, vintage thrift stores, and art exhibitions filled with people trying to look like they care. The results were nothing short of astonishing.

“It used to be easy to tell the difference.” said Dr. Ray Sherwood, lead researcher at the institute.

“The hipster would be sipping on a craft beer while discussing the merits of obscure Scandinavian cinema, and the adlay would be on the other side of the pub slapping the pokies discussing new developments in the world of shoplifting tactics. Now, both groups can be found showing off their favorite TN shoes and current events in the world of drill music.”

“We think this phenomenon has come from the convergence of several urban trends meeting as one, the perfect storm some would say” said Dr. Sherwood.

“The hyper urban fashion stylings picked up from hipsters visiting Berlin and London, Gen Z’s obsession with 2000’s culture – including 2nd hand polo shirts alongside gentrification guilt and the need to try and dress working class have all played their part in the blurring of these two completely different subcultures.”

While many other slightly older annoying hipsters have complained that the younger hipster’s attraction to adlay culture is some new form of cultural appropriation, many actual adlays are applauding the new development as they are now getting mistaken for hipsters and are allowed to enter once forbidden pubs without harassment from security. 


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