The outgoing Premier of NSW has today let off a bit of steam, after a frustrating weekend.

Despite playing from behind for the majority of the NSW election campaign, the incumbent Premier had still been hopeful of achieving a victory on Saturday night.

However, it seems like the progressive policies of cracking down on poker machines and the one liners about vaping and Adelaide weren’t enough to get him over the line, with Labor leader Chris Minns looking like he’s just nabbed a majority government.

The win will return Labor to power in the shittest state in the country for the first time in 12 years – with constituents of NSW seemingly having enough of things like rolling corruption scandals, blocked public sector pay-rises, blatant pork barrelling and misuse of taxpayer funds.

Labor however, will not be taking action on one of Dominic Perrottet’s signature campaign issues, poker machines.

So, with a heap of pent up steam from a gruelling few years and nothing going to happen to curb the issues around pokies in the state, Perrottet has decided to take matters into his own hands today.

By using the Castle Hill Tavern’s VIP Lounge as his very own smash room.

“Fuck the pokies,” he was heard saying as hit let a steel baseball bat collide into a Where’s The Gold poker machine, cracking the glass on the screen.

“Fuck Clubs NSW,” he then grunted as he hit the machine again, this time with shards of glass flying across the room.

“Fuck this election.”

Our reporter left as he continued to take to various reverse ATMs in a fit of rage.

More to come.


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