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A Betoota Heights woman has this week committed a cooking sin so unforgivable, it has caused a cataclysmic eruption from the heavens, it’s reported.

Alice Moretti [24] is alleged to have been simply microwaving precooked pasta when a crack of lightning was spotted rippling through the sky above her house, which prior to her ‘cooking’,  had not even a single cloud.

Neighbours report being completely shocked by the sudden change in weather, with one elderly man noting that he’d never experienced a storm ‘so violent’ but ‘so short lived’ and that if he hadn’t accidentally caught it on camera, nobody would have believed it happened at all.

Though this strange phenonmm has confused many in the area, Alice admits she had felt a chill run down her spine when she’d reached for the $3 packet pasta during her last Woolies run, which she now admits must have been a warning of some kind.

For you see, as a third generation Italian, Alice had been well and truly taught the loving craft of not only cooking pasta properly, but making it from scratch – and this seemingly innocent act is quite possibly, the most insulting thing she could have ever done to her nonna.

“My nonna was known for her short temper”, says Alice, “and I think I really pissed her off.”

“It was literally the pasta you add water to.”

“I should have just spat on her grave.”


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