The sight of young people enjoying a long day in a spirit breaking shopping precinct can only mean one thing; it is school holidays.

For retail workers and some shoppers, the sight of today’s youths treating a copy-paste suburban shopping centre like it’s a cool place to be is rather baffling if not a little nostalgic.

Traditionally, teenagers who frequent shopping centres are known to fuel up in the food court with some ordering an unGodly amount of fast food because what’s mum gonna do about it now that she’s not here?

However, some retailers have complained about unruly groups of teenagers going off-script and rocking up at eateries with table service and expecting the same treatment as real people.

“We had a table in yesterday,” stated a waitress at Three Sugars Cafes, Betoota Plaza’s home of Vittoria coffee and tandoori chicken sandwiches.

“They sat there respectfully and thanked me when I took their orders and topped up their waters.”

“It was fucking weird, what were they thinking?”

According to waitstaff this is a growing trend amongst today’s youth who think it’s really funny to go into venues with metal cutlery without any adults because what kind of mad lad would actually do that when there’s a Maccas 100 metres away?

“Why can’t they just be normal and commit some public indecency in a graveyard or during a Pixar movie?”


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