The gut-punch of current grocery prices is stinging a bit less for Betootan Pepita Mann (27) who recently got her own place after telling her ex he should probably do the same.

Just as biology textbooks suggest, Mann was ready to drown her heartbreak in a sea of dumplings, hot chips, pizzas, pides, fried chicken and whatever the hell else she wanted as it was all for her.

After what she described as ‘her fat week’, Mann knew it was time to get back to reality and cook meals for herself like someone who at least looks like they’re trying to be healthy.

Now doing groceries for one for the first times since her uni sharehouse cold war, Mann is delighted to learn that buying ingredients for a delicious dinner costs almost as much as just getting takeaway.

The perils of cooking for one has long been thought to be punishment from God for not procreating and is often fraught with perils such as purchasing expensive ingredients you’ll use one tenth of and making so much food you’ll never be able to eat it all.

According to Mann however, these challenges are a real treat and exactly what she feels like doing after a long day of work instead of paying about $10 extra and getting it delivered while she rips cones, plays Minecraft or does whatever else.

“If I take my own time into account, it’s probably more expensive than takeaway which means it’s probably a better meal overall,” stated Mann, who would probably start crying if she ever put an end to this mental gymnastics.

Mann then proceeded to make a single home cooked burger which left a surplus of ingredients that cost roughly double the price of a medium Big Mac meal delivered to her door.

“Looks like it’s a burger week for me!”


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