One of Betoota’s most decorated corporate creatives has today briefed six different media agencies on his target outcomes for the online advertising campaign of a prominent oral hygiene brand.

As someone who eats bacon and egg rolls for breakfast every day, and powers through Red Bull and cigarettes like a teenager at the skate park, Neddy Rogerson (44) doesn’t look like he uses toothpaste much.

But that’s not to say he doesn’t know how to sell it.

His boutique marketing agency ROGUE SOCIALS have won multiple awards for their tireless work identifying and carving off target markets while projecting outcomes that have been measured up against the optimised algorithms of several channels that cater to easily disrupt-able consumer demographics by appealing to key audience behaviours.

Some would say that in Betoota’s digital media game, Neddy and his team of old schoolmates and early 20s female interns are the best of the best.

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t constantly striving to be better.

And his most recent vision for the newest whitening toothpaste brand CHOMPERS, shows that Neddy is playing chess while the rest of the industry is playing checkers.

“Guys. Nobody is watching TV anymore” he says, during a zoom call with 18 middle managers.

“Streaming has killed ads. That’s why, with this campaign, I propose a socials push like we haven’t seen since the Black Lives Matter tile”

“Now that was a campaign. We wanna go viral like the black tile”

Neddy is of course talking about the ‘Black Tile’ flooded social media as a sign of solidarity in the wake of the brutal police killing of Minneapolis man George Floyd, which sparked widespread riots in the US and anger at systemic racism worldwide, including here in Australia.

While ROGUE SOCIALS was obviously a big supporter of black people not being killed by police at the time, it was the effectiveness of the campaign and hashtag that really caught Neddy’s attention.

“Haha they even got me to post one. It was like the orange Fyre Festival tile, but they didn’t even have to pay influencers. That’s what we want to do here”

“How do we do that? How do we emulate that with a, say, CHOMPERS light blue tile?”

“… Even if we, like, have to attach it to a similar cause”


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