The 26th Prime Minister of Australia has come off the back fence to ramp up the activism, it can be confirmed this afternoon.

It’s been revealed that Kevin Rudd has been working frantically behind the scenes to have the current Prime Minister’s Bucks Party plans altered.

Pencilled in for the Grand Final long weekend in Bali, Kevin07 has apparently been toiling away in plain sight and the background to try and get the destination changed.

“Oi, thoughts on somewhere else other than Bali,” typed ‘Big Kev’ in ‘Albo’s Bux Party’ WhatsApp chat over the weekend.

“Like, somewhere with more talent maybe……” he said, followed by the 4 laughing crying emojis and a couple of peach emojis.

“Finns Beach Club is chat as… And I don’t know if many of us are rich enough to draw the interest of the Russian backpackers.”

With an aggressive shut down from a number of the chat, including Rusty and Penny Wong, Rudd then began working on some of the other heavy hitters behind the scenes.

“Nickoooooo the sickoooooo (Cave). What’s doing mate? Thoughts on going somewhere a bit more cultured, like New York,” said Rudd in a private messaging, hoping to work on Cave’s more high brow sensibilities.

“I know a good place there with great ‘entertainment,’ if you know what I mean, and there’s a bit more to do…”

It’s believed Rudd tried it on with Bill Shorten, who has a habit of flipping and flopping around with his support.

“Oh, I reckon you should be in charge of the bucks instead of Penny,” text Rudd.

“I’ll back ya if you wanna change the location to somewhere were there’s a bit more talent for us.”

Others who have been contacted by Rudd are reportedly fellow Brisbanite Jim Chalmers and Tony Burke.

More to come.


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