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A woman visiting a date’s house has confirmed he’s quite the intellectual, after a quick peruse through his book shelf had her wondering if he’s ever picked up a book to read for fun before.

Spying numerous books on financial prosperity, including ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, ‘The 4 Day Work Week’, ‘Think And Grow Rich’, and of course, ‘The Barefoot Investor’, Emily Downing has come to the conclusion that her tinder date James must really like money.

And world history. Lots of world history.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, I’d never knock someone for taking an interest in things”, Emily tells our reporter, ““but… does he ever want to read something a bit fun?”

“Like after a stressful day at work, do you really want to unwind with a 400 page book about self managing your own super fund?”

“Or a woman getting kidnapped by horny fairies?’

After asking what book she’s talking about, our reporter enquires if there were any fictional books on the shelf at all, and learns that out of the 50 odd books in his apartment, roughly four of them were for recreational reading.

“Yes, but only by elderly male authors”, says Emily, “Spotted a couple of Kings and a Dan Brown.”

“I think there was a Tolkien.”

“All pretty meaty stuff.”

More to come.


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