A hot chick with limited training in dietetics or nutrition has today posted an online video on how to prepare basic health foods in very revealing activewear, it has been confirmed.

The self-confessed social media ‘influencer’ by the name of Kelly (20) boasts over 12k followers on both Instagram and Facebook, and initially came to prominence by posting photos of her wearing similarly revealing outfits on the beach and at music festivals.

While wearing a sports bra and yoga pants provided to her by a local sportswear company

“Okay guys, so this meal is a bit of a favourite of mine. It’s really easy to make and healthy too” she says, while handling the fruit.

“The key is to make sure you have a different range of fruits. So like, oranges, apples. Like, grapes and sometimes I like to put mango in there too…. And my favourite, bananas. The next thing you do is…”

While the instagram video was only able to go for one minute, Kelly made the effort to upload an extended version to her much smaller following on Facebook. Only to be met with a much smaller response.

Kelly says her transition from simply a hot chick on Instagram to a health and wellness entreprenuer has been the most amazing experience of her life. She says she is just so honoured to be able to share her healthy lifestyle with the tradesmen and teenage boys that follow her.

“It’s all about making sure you strive to be the best in everything you do, that includes excersise, diet and online content videos” she says.

“Outfit by Lorna Jane”


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