A gay co-worker has alluded to having a few drinks over the weekend, but there is definitely more to the story than he is willing to give up – it has been confirmed.

After three years working in a social marketing firm, Dave Mundy (28) has so far done a good job of presenting himself as a polite, run of-the-mill, single gay man who lives a pretty normal life.

However, several of his more socially-aware workmates are onto him – and are willing to bet that his ‘Mardi Gras’ probably went until 3AM yesterday morning and most likely involved some high-quality MDMA.

“Yeah. Few drinks. Went out for dinner Friday… It was great. Not a big one, though” he says, while doing his best to hide an abnormal heart algorithim and cold sweats.

Less than 48 hours after his most recent pilgrimage to Oxford for Mardi Gras, Dave’s closer workmates are very much aware that he is still in the midst of the Gay Silly Season – which usually doesn’t wind down until after all the end of financial year celebrations.

“Where’d you end up?” asks Kev, who he shares a desk with.

“Oh just some bar slash club thing in the city?” says Dave dismissively.

Kev begins to probe.

“Was that a day club you ended up at, Dave?”

Dave realises his jig is up, with Kev anyway.

“Sshhhhh” he begins whispering.

“I haven’t slept. It’s was the biggest night I’ve had this year. We were at the White Bull until sunrise – it was so fucking loose”

“I’m gonna fuck off after lunch and get back on it if you are keen?”

Kev wastes no time in accepting Dave’s invitation but wants to know if there will be any chicks there.






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