The latest ‘Disney on Ice’ tour has hit a major speed bump today after two of its stars were arrested for possession of illicit substances.

Both Cinderella and Snow White were taken into custody after significant amounts of methamphetamines were found in their possession.

The Children’s extravaganza which had just landed in Brisbane this morning has been as popular as ever, with young audiences wowed by the performances on the ice skating rink.

A senior constable from the Queensland Police Force laughed before confirming that it “really is Disney on ice” – while making a reference to the fact that the iconic Princesses had been doing a little bit of a twirl and burn.

“I would love to make a post on our Facebook about Disney on Ice being legal, but Disney on Ice on ice being illegal, but I reckon those millennials in the social media team will shut it down,” he said.

The touring company issued a short statement on the charges, stating that they can’t believe a country with such a big ice problem like Australia didn’t understand what they meant when they said the performers will literally be on ice.




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