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Australia’s white ethnic communities are today relishing in the fact that a former Yugoslavian territory that their grandmother may have lived in has progressed to the FIFA World Cup Final against France.

The Republic Of Croatia, formerly known as the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, has knocked England out of the World Cup finals – after close to a month of English fans telling the planet that ‘it’s coming home’.

And much like the thousands of traitorous Australians living in England who jumped on the Three-Lions bandwagon, the Croatian’s finals dash has resulted in millions of more fans come out of the wood work around the world.

The common occurrence of 2nd-generation slavic Australians trotting out different old countries has increased over the last twenty years, after countless changes to international borders in Eastern Europe.

In a region smaller than Victoria, many migrants have parents who’s nationality changed several times in their lifetime through war and politics – which means, everyone has a grandmother who was technically Croatian.

In fact, aside from the countless Australian Serbs, Bosnians, Macedonians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Lower Polish and Slovenians that have today revealed a latent Croatian heritage… Citizens with heritage as far as West of Greece have been quick to declare their undying loyalty to Republika Hrvatska.

The Betoota Advocate spoke to some of these newfound Slavs.

“WE DID IT” shouts one brand new Croatian-Australian, Dominic, who’s family come from far-Eastern-Italia, which is basically Croatia.

“Haha sucked in England”



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