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As Prime Minister Scott Morrison clocks on day two battling the spicy cough, he’s found himself looking for things to do while he doesn’t have any hands to shake or blue collar jobs to try out.

Having grown tired of prime time television and fresh out of Tik Tok ideas, Scott was just about to take a boredom nap when he remembered the Wii console collecting dust in his garage, which also happened to come with his favourite video game ever, Wii Bowling.

Letting out an excited giggle as he leapt from the couch, Scotty quickly began sifting through the numerous cardboard boxes stashed in the back of the garage, haphazardly throwing around old baby clothes in search of his sweet, sweet Wii.

“Aha there it is!” whispers Scotty, eying a pair of nunchucks peeking out from underneath a wedding album, “there’s my Wii!”


It’s estimated Scotty spent roughly thirty minutes customising his Mii character, deliberating whether he should create a persona that looked exactly like him or try something more fun, such as kitty ears or a funky moustache. Because it’s his break, so why shouldn’t he let his hair down a little?

Settling on a slightly balding character with a sick mo, Scotty then spent the next hour bowling to his heart’s content, letting out the occasional cheer when he got a strike – earning the attention of Jenny, who’d stayed home to nurse him.

“I thought you were sick!” 

“That doesn’t look like something a sick person should be doing, does it Scott?”

More to come.


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