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A Gold Coast woman has this weekend narrowly avoided losing her date amongst the sea of extremely tight pants at Sin City night club, by using a clever means of deduction, it’s reported.

Rather than simply using Tinder, Jessica Hynes is alleged to have cut out the middle man by simply reading the daily Queensland court lists, and googling if anyone of them were hot – and after stumbling upon a very cute Ben Lewisham- Smith, Jessica had been overjoyed to discover that his misdemeanour was only drug related, and that he appeared to have a booming personal training business. Win win!

However, after choosing to kick on after their first date, Jessica has unfortunately ran into the problem many women in the Gold Coast finds themselves in – she’s lost her date in the nightclub and he looks like everyone else!

Extremely tan, suspiciously muscly, and sporting a series of tribal tattoos, Ben could easily be mistaken for every other twenty something bloke in the bar – which is when Jessica remembered a crucial detail.

Ben’s horrendous Turkish veneers, made of cheap glow in the dark composite resin.

Following the glowing sets of teeth like beacons in the dark, Jessica was luckily able to find him after shoulder tapping the third bloke she saw.

More to come.


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