As the nation continues to grapple with a giant supermarket’s decision to stop selling Australia Day merchandise, a forgotten victim of the saga has spoken out.

22-year-old Parisian backpacker Eve Laurent has revealed that her boss Peter Dutton’s decision to boycott Woolworths has caused her some serious headaches.

“Yes, I have a migraine from heatstroke because of it,” sighed Eve, to The Advocate today.

“I need a lie down, but the kids I’m looking after are a real handful so I’ll have to wait for bedtime in the workers quarters,” explained the young woman who is working as an au pair (fancy word that people who like to feel important use for nanny).

Eve explained that Dutton’s decision to boycott Woolworths not means she has to walk along the incredibly hot Samford Road in Brisbane’s outer suburbs for an extra two kilometres every day to get to Coles.

“Peter specified that I have to go to Coles, not Woolworths now,” said Eve.

“I don’t really understand why, but he told me it’s very important.”

When asked why she had to walk to the shops, and had to go every day, Eve sighed again.

“Your country is so shit for public transport, and Peter and the family won’t let me use any of the family’s cars.”

“And I have to go every day because they say they have to have fresh produce for the dinners.”

“Besides, Peter likes to have fresh milk to go with his Cheetohs every day.”

“Anyway, I think I have to take the kids to the pool now, even though we have a massive pool on his 2 acre estate.”

More to come.


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