A girl that you haven’t seen since high school, but were always quite wary of, is now listed as one of 22 women in the running to get married on a reality TV show, it has been confirmed.

The girl, who now you think about it, was always destined for this kind of shallow fame and short-lived opportunity to self-promote, is actually doing quite a good job at pretending she isn’t the same person you knew back in the day.

While it is quite fun letting other people know that you know ‘the real her’ – having her re-enter your life through bus shelter advertisements and social media news, is quite distressing as you don’t know whether to let the bloke and the other contestants know just how much trouble she is.

With her face now being used as the promo for tomorrow night’s ‘extra-catty’ episode – it is a matter of time until she starts showing her true colours as an incredibly nasty Regina-George-type psychopath.

With thousands of men and women around the country recognising one the contestants from high school, it is believed that they might be all the same kind of person.

Applications for men that you definitely would not marry are now also taking place for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.


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