There’s civil unrest in Betoota’s choreography community this morning, after a pride of dance mums were seen engaging in furious gossip outside a local community hall.

Standing with arms folded outside StepOne Dance Studios, Betoota’s Premier Ballet studio for ages 9-90, The Advocate understands the mothers were spotted exchanging heated whispers and fierce hand gestures, while waiting to pick up their children from afternoon dance lessons.

The mothers, who do not wish to be named, despite the fact they very obviously carried out their gossip in an effort to incite further scandal, told our reporter it was simply “None of our business”.

Upon further investigation, which involved reviewing the social media pages of the popular dance studio, it appears the rebellion is led by one Jenny Nesbitt-Stein, a prominent Mother in town, who is infamous for needing to send all three children to different primary schools.

In a series of passive aggressive comments left under a happy snap posted by the dance studio, it’s alleged Ms Nesbitt-Stein is unimpressed with the studios inability to provide each child with enough space to safely perform their routine.

“Great photo of the girls, but where’s the social distancing?!!” Ms Nesbitt-Stein had written online.

“Why can’t we split the 4pm class to accommodate?!  Can’t we have a Team A and Team B???”

Speaking in confidence to our reporter, local dance teacher and small business owner Sarah Burchmore said she was across the rumours and was happy to lose the patronage of the Nesbitt-Stein family.

“I’ve dealt with plenty of dance mums, but Jenny is a real piece of work!”

“You should see the emails she sent me last Christmas, trying to get me to change the date of our end of year recital so her family could go to Yamba a week earlier.”

“If she wants to pull out little Tiffany and send her to Just Dance studios on the other side of town, go for it!

“That uncoordinated little shit is never winning an Eisteddfod anyway, so good riddance!”

More to come.


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