A local bachelor has today shown off his flexible and innovative nature, by putting on a real spread for some friends.

After realising that hanging out as adults was pretty much impossible if no one was forcibly steering invites, Sam Atwood [32] had taken the reins and suggested a fortnightly dinner meetup, where they could each take turns cooking a cuisine and hosting some board games.

From chicken stir fry and shepherd’s pie, to simple taco nights and Philly style cheesesteaks, each mate (and their significant others) had put on a bit of effort to host – although one meal seemed to be awfully close to just quickly frying up some mince.

But come Thursday afternoon with next to nothing in his cupboard a T-minus 30 minutes to provide enough food for eight people – Sam found himself thinking on his feet.

Quickly dialling up six of Pizza Hut’s best, Sam said he felt a wave of relief washing over him. 

“Don’t worry, I got a couple of vego pizzas and a seafood one, so it’s a real spread,” he laughed. 

“And a couple of six packs will come in handy too,” he laughed. 

Happy to see he could kill two birds with one stone by getting his food and booze delivered in one run, Sam had figured there was nothing wrong with ordering food – considering the Hut is certainly a better option than one mate’s homemade pumpkin soup. 

It’s alleged the pizza did arrive in time with a bit of shit giving about his cooking skills dissipating as soon as the cheesy garlic bread was spotted. 

More to come.


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