Eyebrows have been raised in the city of Newcastle today, as the local port authority welcomes its first ever delivery of an alternative fuel source.

The Advocate understands that at 8:52am this morning horns were honked across the Newcastle harbour, as locals gathered together wave in a 100,000 ton container ship transporting Jim Beam & Cola.

Famous for its credentials as being the world’s largest coal port, which exports 211 million tonnes of black gold a year, authorities have said they are excited to shift their focus to importing biodegradable fuel sources, especially as it arrives to coincide with the most important event on the city’s cultural calendar, the Newcastle Supercars.

Speaking to the head of marine traffic control, Robbie O’Gidley (39), it’s believed all transport on the harbour had to be halted to make way for the arrival of the ship.

“We’ve been tracking it come up the east coast for the past two weeks, it was delayed due to a barrage of southerly winds,” said Robbie.

“But thankfully we were able pause all exports and help usher it into shore safely, it was the first priority delivery for today.”

With over 150,000 motoring enthusiasts about to descend on the steel city by the sea, Novocastrians are reportedly excited to celebrate their three-day petrol festival, which features performance by Icehouse, Hilltop Hoods and the Screaming Jets.

“The city is revving, there’s a serious vibe about, I’m stinging for a Brisket Roll and a few Chips on a Stick” said Maitland diesel fitter Ben Buderus.

“Anyway my cousin runs the fencing business that puts up the steel alleyways, I’ve got a few spare tickets if you wanna come sink Bourbon n’ Cokes and watch them Camaro’s roar all weekend?”

More to come.


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