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In what began with an innocent photo presentation of a catch up with some old school mates, Andrew Pine has had mentally call in a ‘code red’ to regain possession of his phone and prevent his mother from continuing to swipe beyond what she’s allowed to see.

As panic set in, Andrew made a split second decision that would save his life.

“Mum! The saucepan is boiling over!” he shouted

Completely forgetting about the phone, his mother quickly got up and rushed to the kitchen, giving Andrew enough time to smack the phone across the room and rendering it unusable.

The Advocate caught up with Andrew shortly after this near awkward-convo-inducing situation to see how he was feeling and to discern exactly what was at stake.

“Oh boy That was a close call. If she had of swiped one more photo she would have seen Jamey at his bucks this weekend”

“We went a bit tropical up there, so it’s for her own peace of mind that she never sees what we got up to. Here see for your self”

Andrew showed our reporter a photo of the buck in question, Jamey Winchester, bound and gagged whilst being whipped by a dominatrix stripper.

“Pretty rogue hey,” Andrew laughed awkwardly.

The Advocate understands that this is quite a common occurrence amongst curious mothers and delinquent sons, but we are uncertain of causation; whether it’s because they’re trying to catch out their sons, find out more about them, or simply, they haven’t yet grasped technology.

More to come.


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