They warned us this would happen.

They tried to open our eyes to what would come next.

They tried to save us from a government hellbent on destroying the fabric of our economy and our society.

They tried to save us from ourselves.

But we didn’t listen.

If you aren’t up to speed, we are talking about the culture wars vultures and Sky News and the Murdoch print mastheads who tried to warn us that it wouldn’t be easy under Albanese.

And now, in a frustrating turn of events, it’s turned out they were right.

Barely a week after revealing that they were going to tax the 0.5% of Australians who have over 3 million dollars of super in their account, the Federal Treasurer has revealed plans to abolish private property.

Less than a year into running the country, the Labor party and their communist power brokers have now decided to seize every single home in Australia in the name of the federal government.

The full speed descent down the slippery slope into communism was confirmed by the Commie Jim Chalmers this morning in an exclusive interview with The Betoota Advocate.

“We are moving to abolish private property,” said Commie Jim.

“After marginally lifting the tax rate for people with more than $3 million dollars in their super account, we have set our sights on state control over all property.”

“This is what you asked for when we cracked down on 0.5% of the population with millions of dollars to play with.”

“Don’t say you didn’t.”

“Expect your door to be kicked down any day now.”

More to come.


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