A local cafe-owner has today shown a very unnecessary act of generosity by increasing the temperature and messiness of a brekky roll by two-fold.

The AusStudy Cafe in Betoota’s bustling Old City District is renowned for it’s $8.50 brekky roll / coffee combo. It’s a breakfast institution lauded by both urban professionals and entitled millennials alike.

However the cafe-owner and local Socceroos-match-broadcaster, Thom Stankovic is also known for the perks he dishes out to regulars. Whether that be a complimentary pressed mint and apple juice, or in this case, an extra egg on the roll.

Served fresh off the hot plate, the double egg brekky roll looks and sounds great in theory.

However, the by the third bite, customers are made acutely aware of the fact that are going to end up eating this meal with both hands like a toddler who got caught with the dog bowl.

With the iconic relish and Diamantina bacon strips now nothing but a distant memory of the first boiling hot mouthful, the most important meal of the day descends into sloppy yellow chaos.

It’s all over by the fourth mouthful, as the teeth are unable to severe the two-inch bacon rind. A simple jerk of the neck tears the entire sandwich apart like copper wire through wet ceramics on the wheel.



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