In news that will like be ignored by the type of people who comment on news articles on social media, Coles is struggling to get rid of its Australia Day shit.

The revelation that they can’t get rid of their cheap Chinese made single use garbage hardly comes as a surprise to anyone working within the supermarket industry, who were aware that this sort of stuff doesn’t actually sell.

Which is why Woolworths made the decision to stop selling Australia Day merch in the lead up to January 26 – because they are a business who makes business decisions based on what’s best for their business.

The move was obviously also a PR play to distract the nation from the fact they are price gouging Australians and fucking over farmers, but another major factor in the decision was the economic viability of the sale.

That was something which was blatantly ignored by the Culture Wars Vultures in the Liberal Party and the mainstream commercial media, who used the absolutely nothing saga to distract everyone from the range of societal issues actually afflicting the nation.

And, unsurprisingly, a week on from the big day, it turns out specialised forecasting and analysis of various supermarket ranges is actually more accurate than the Facebook comments of Garry from Hervey Bay.

“Yeah, we have reduced all this shit and can’t get rid of it,” said a spokesperson from Coles today.

“The nation’s patriots should be ashamed of themselves.”

More to come.


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