A pair of work pants, previously worn by local house painter Garry Young (49), have transcended their humble origins reaching the top end of town after being purchased by a local art student with rich parents.

The pants, which were donated by Garry to a thrift store last year, found a not so surprising buyer in the form of budding art student Jeremy Douglas (23),  who reportedly shelled out a hefty sum to acquire the extremely worn in work pants.

The transaction has been hailed as a stroke of genius by Jeremy’s other art school mates, with many saying they can only be envious of the amount of wear and tear on Jeremy’s find.

“It’s an amazing pair of pants, I must admit. The paint stains, the sweat stains, the rips at the bottom, it’s a once in a lifetime find I must say.” remarked one of Jeremy’s mates.

While most would put Jeremy’s pride in his new pants as nothing less than a rich kid wanting to look like a struggling artist, others believe there is a forgotten rags to riches hero in all of this, the pants themselves.

From its humble beginnings at a now shut down Lowes store in the suburbs, to thousands of early mornings, paint stains and forgotten washing cycles, this pair of pants can finally enjoy the rest of its life now that it can enjoy the fruits of its labour. 

The once working class pants can now trade in 6am starts for 11am art school lectures, smoko break in the carpark for 1 hour coffee hang outs in the park and once a fortnight washes for – also once a fortnight washes.

Both Jeremy and the pants look forward to a comfortable rest of their lives.


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