A Betoota Heights family is having a good discrete chuckle after dad Jeffrey Drove (52) has gotten himself dressed up for a gig and made some, well, let’s say interesting fashion choices.

According to the Drove family, the old man is super excited for the reunion tour of ‘80s/90s ska band Ploppy Mullins & the Executed Sandwich Stuffers, even despite the recent controversy that has surrounded the band for the last 40 years.

Speaking with The Advocate, Jeffrey informed us that he first did underage everything to the tunes of PM & the ESS or at least we think he said that as our reporting team was completely distracted by the fact he was dressed like a freshly flowered knucklehead.

“This still fits if you can believe it!” stated Drove, grabbing at a ‘94 tour shirt that seemed to have somehow deflated over the years.

“From the ‘94 tour. Can’t believe that was twenty years ago hey?”

Drove then showed us his velcro wallet era bumbag which he wore around his waist concealed by a leather jacket that featured a patch with an acoustic guitar above the text ‘New Wave Groove’.

“And what do I have here? A spare ticket to the show! Wow! That’s right, my wife couldn’t come because she needs to watch our kids tonight.”

Feeling somewhat guilty, reporter Louis Burke chose not to remind Drove that his kids are 18 and 20, accepted the ticket, attended the gig and observed most of the audience was filled with dads who were making some rather questionable fashion throwbacks.

“As a person without a headband I felt very underrepresented,” stated Bourke, exhausted after a night of moving his mouth soundlessly so it looked like he was singing along.

“The lines for drinks were so long because people’s wallet chains kept getting tangled.”



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