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A French Quarter woman who grew up attending Wharton School For Girls [sister school to Betoota’s Whooton School For Boys] has rebelled against her silver spoon upbringing, by getting a series of fine line tattoos that will no doubt piss off her parents, it’s reported.

Showing off her latest permanent artwork, a small floral number on her inner forearm, Georgia Moore Oates, 23, says she’s now been labelled as the ‘problem child’, for being the first tattooed member of her family – which has now made her want even more.

In addition to the several small tattoos she has placed on various parts of her body, Georgia says she’s also gone against the grain by studying film production and getting a part time job as a bartender for one of Betoota’s most popular punk dive bars, ‘Johnny Rottens’, as well as heavily considering an eyebrow piercing after watching Saltburn.

“I don’t know, we’ll see”, she laughs.

More to come.


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