Following the Wallabies disappointing loss to a country of five million, coach Michael Cheika says he hopes there is still an improved sense of confidence amongst the Wallabies camp as they head into an exhibition match against the Rwandans next fortnight.

“I hope they don’t get too knocked around the loss against Ireland” he says.

“We’ve been straight back into preparation. There won’t even be time for the usual fifteen corporate lunches”

“I don’t want to say too much, but I think the boys are quietly confident heading into this match against the Silverbacks,”

However, when asked about a game plan, the longest-serving-Wallaby-coach-in-a-decade’s tone changed dramatically.

“We’re here to win, not entertain” said Cheika, who has instructed his team to take the points whenever they’re available

“This is chess, it isn’t checkers. It may be an exhibition match, but we aren’t going to give them an inch,”

“Rwanda are going to have a massive home ground advantage. They have shared showers for both teams. We’re trying to build confidence – so I’ll also be instructing the boys to steer well clear of those.”

This ferocious competitive streak seen on the pitch looks to have extended all the way to the top, with Australian Rugby declining a request to provide boots to the Rwandans.

“We do have room in the budget for philanthropy – but unfortunately, this year the designated hand-outs went to the Shore School’s 3rd XV”

“We are the ones making the compromise by sending our lads to play a match in central Africa. I don’t know what we’re playing for, the Idi Amin cup or something. That’s Rwanda, right?”

“Anyway we know they’ll be ruthless. I’ve seen the last king of Scotland. It’s got that bloke in it with the eye like Eddie Jones”

Rwanda enter the game full of confidence after beating South Sudan last week.

“Our hooker went back to help with this year’s harvest in his village” said Silverbacks captain Prince Tomago Beki Beki

“Even without him, we should still dominate up front”.

A win for the Rwandans would see them leap St Kitts & Nevis, Yemen and Kiribati in the world rankings.



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