In a somewhat predictable situation, Rugby Australia’s Marketing Pigeon has taken the fall for the Wallabies early exit from the World Cup.

Earlier this morning, the people in charge of rugby in the country made the decision to fire the gun marketing pigeon and immediately called a specialist to install anti-spikes along the office perimeter.

Despite the pigeons best efforts, the Wallabies failed to progress past the quarter-finals after being knocked out by the English.

With 8 regular starting Wallabies now heading overseas and seemingly no one to replace them, Rugby Australia has decided to fire the pigeon rather than address systematic flaws with the way the game is run in this country.

“The issue with Rugby in Australia is not that it’s awfully run by a bit of an insiders club who seem more interested in looking after themselves than the good of the game,” explained one high up official at RA.

“It’s the bloody pigeon’s fault.”

“I think it’s not a stretch to say that he is to blame for the slow death of grassroots rugby, the rapid death of Super Rugby, the decline of rugby being played in high schools and the lack of availability of the game to the general population.”

“Stupid pigeon.”

“He should have put more Classic Wallabies games on.”


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