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Hangovers bring out the worst in people at the best of times, but one Betoota woman has shocked even the most seasoned hangover handlers this morning.

Brit Courtney (21) woke this morning with a headache that would kill a Shetland pony, but it wasn’t long before she found a slightly crook remedy to sort herself out.

Without properly opening her eyes, Courtney clumsily felt around for Panadol on her bedside table, then for some liquid to knock them back with.

Fortunately for Courtney, her drunk self had left both in an easily accessible spot for her.

She was grateful for a second, but that was shortly replaced by disappointment.

After swallowing the first Panadol, Courtney’s system got a rude shock.

She was then faced with a choice; does she take the second Panadol with sprite too? Or does she get up and walk 10 steps to the bathroom for water.

With little to no internal torment, Courtney completely gave up on herself and opted to down the second Panadol with the remaining Sprite. While she could have left the last mouthful of Sprite in the glass, she figured she was already at rock bottom, so what’s another mouthful?

At the time of press, Brit had rolled back over and is waiting for her scat concoction to kick in.

More to come.


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