The Australian Labor party and worker’s unions have a proud friendship that dates back to the very first ‘hard hat photo opp.’

Now, however it seems that the in-opposition ALP may be forgetting their waterlogged roots as their support of coalition free trade deals have angered the famously placid Australian Unions. 

Sharing this sentiment is former opposition leader and professional ghost-at-the-feast Bill Shorten who claims this type of backflipping in unacceptable.

“Immediate backflipping goes against our beliefs as a party,” stated Bill Shorten while sitting on a Billie Eilish style tin billy cart.

“What young Albo-dore needed to do was toe the party line and gradually backflip.”

Shorten went on to describe Labor’s proud history of backflipping, citing the Encryption Bill backflip as an example of how to do so with dignity.

“I may have lost an election or two but Albo is backflipping like he’s Mundine at St George.”

“That’s right isn’t it? That’s a thing yeah?”


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