Millions of middle aged blokes right around the country have today confirmed that Brett Lee’s hairline is something to behold.

This comes as the former pace bowler jumps in front of the green screen ahead of the first ball of the makeshift Hobart test which is set to begin any minute now.

With hardly even a dip on either side of his fringe, the 45-year-old Wollongong boy must be paying his barber twice as much.

On top of this all, it seems Binga is the only former test cricketer slim enough to pull off a full frame shot in front of an interactive video screen – in a suit that doesn’t appear to be adhering to the Fox Sports off-the-rack template that the other blokes are working with.

It is not known if Mr Lee has been in touch with the same hair replacement therapists that Shane Warne has been promoting for the last three decades, however, what can be confirmed is that whatever he’s doing to maintain that salad is obviously working.

Looking good Binga.


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