It’s not the first time the Betoota Advocate has reported on this, but the facts remain the same. Western Australia and Melbourne Stars cricketer, Marcus Stoinis, is stacked.

Not in a steroidy Western Australian AFL player way either. It’s a natural, creatine and iron, type stacked.

Four years ago, in 2020, The Betoota Advocate reported ‘How Bout The Pipes On Stoinis’ – this is an observation that many still make to this very day, four seasons and an entire global pandemic later

This was first highlighted after a 2020 survey of female BBL fans and same-sex-attracted males BBL fans, and completely straight male BBL fans that are able to identify a Greek adonis when they see one.

Respondents were asked to identify who had the best pipes in Australian cricket, and who was the easiest to look at out of the traditionally bland cohort of Australia’s nerdiest brand of professional athlete.

The results presented a resounding skew towards the iconic Perth-born Leo, with over 98% of the 100,000 respondents pointing to Marcus Stoinis when answering both questions.

The research was conducted by the Australian Cricket Board in an effort to find the most marketable Australian cricketer for their website and bus advertisements.

The Betoota Advocate’s reasserting of this title comes after career-best performance from Marcus Stoinis, as he helped the Australia T20 team shut the gates on Oman at the World Cup in Barbados.

Coming in with Australia 3/50 after teamates Glenn Maxwell got taken a golden duck, Stoinis smashed six sixes in an unbeaten 67 off just 36 balls.

He finished with 3/19 from three overs as Oman managed just 9/125 off their 20 overs to lose by 39 runs, and the veins that run through his Warwick Farms were pulsating in the shiny Caribbean humidity.

Just stacked.


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