The people in charge of Australia’s national law making body have decided to bring about the biggest change in the institution’s history.

Those with the keys to Parliament House have revealed that Question Time as we know it, is no more.

For people who aren’t journalists or political nerds, Question Time occurs on an allocated number of sitting days a year, and was designed to let politicians debate the merits of legislation they are in charge of sorting out.

The novel idea which is great in theory is supposed to see the nation’s elected representatives have adult conversations about how they can fulfil their roles in improving this great country.

However, the theory has never been realised, with our highly paid politicians simply taking the allocated time to just fling poo at each other like a bunch of zoo animals.

So, in an effort to modernise our political system and try and get something done, the nerds who are given way to much responsibility are going to learn the rules of Kangaroo Court.

Made famous by footy clubs around the country, Kangaroo Court is a communal sitting whereby important matters are discussed and more importantly fines are handed out – often in the form of alcoholic drinks.

The Court is always chaired by a judge, master or adjudicated by a character or characters, who run the show and make sure everything goes smoothly.

It’s unknown yet if the current speaker will be the Kangaroo Court judge, but the role will allow them to discipline anyone carrying on immediately.

“If Albo starts being disruptive and chirping the judge will order him to sink a schooner,” said a spokesperson for Parliament House.

“And if Peter wants to try and defend himself for his poor behaviour, well he gets the goon bong.”

“We aren’t really sure how this thing is going to go, but surely it can’t be worse than the current set up.”

More to come.


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