NSW Blues fans and media commentators are at fever pitch today, as the blame game begins.

This comes as Queensland’s biggest victory ever was recorded last night in Sydney, with the Maroons notching up a 38-10 win in the first match of the 2024 State Of Origin.

As is always the case, both pundits and fans have begun pointing fingers at which of their own players deserve to be ‘dropped’ in a knee-jerk reshuffle aimed at bringing back a winning culture that nobody can remember ever having in the first place.

This a distinctly different response to how Queensland would deal with a loss. In NSW today, certain individuals within the Blues squad are being targeted and scapegoated to shoulder the blame for last night’s textbook loss, rather than supported as a member of a team.

However, aside from the internal pettiness – The Blues can at least take solace in the fact that most of the blame can be placed on two individuals that weren’t wearing a blues jersey.

Number one, the blame lands on NRL refereee Ash Klein – for his rational and measured response to what may have been the most disgracefully reckless and cheap hit since the Les Boyd era.

And two, Queensland fullback Reece Walsh, who is alleged to have been ‘milking’ the very serious concussion he suffered as a result of the NSW Blues and their decision to actively play well outside of both rules and the spirit of the game.

Debutant Joseph Suaalii was sent off only seven minutes and 25 seconds into the series opener for the late shot, leaving his team out there for 12 men for 73 minutes.

The Roosters flyer’s shoulder made direct contact with the Queensland fullback’s head after he’d passed the ball and was going to grown, leaving him seizing on the grass.

The NRL handed down their punishment late on Wednesday night, with Suaalii copping a four-game suspension if he takes the early guilty plea. This is quite generous considering the fact that he’d probably get a couple of years in Long Bay for committing the type of grievous bodily harm anywhere but on a football field.

Meanwhile, delusional Blues fan, Trent Greenhill (Sydney’s Hill District) reckons there was nuthin in it.

“This is bullshit” he said.

“You can’t send someone off for something that piss weak in Origin”

Like millions of bitter NSW fans and journalists who are today polluting social media with their deranged opinions, Trent believes red cards should be issued for nothing less of voluntary manslaughter.

“This completely unfair red card is the sole reason we will likely lose this entire series” says Trent.

“It doesn’t matter what happens over the next two matches. This will be remembered as the year we were cheated out of a three match series victory due to one red card in the opening minutes of the first game”


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