In some exciting news for the regional Victoria, confirmation has been provided by the state’s Premier that it is likely to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Premier Daniel Andrews revealed yesterday that his government is in exclusive negotiations with the organising body, a sign of how desirable it is to host the little cousin of the Olympic games.

Andrews said the deal was only finalised on Tuesday night, beating out nobody else to the right to negotiate, and if successful would primarily be an event hosted by regional Victoria.

It’s believed art and culture festival will be held at the same time, with Andrews promising a huge boost to the regional economy.

And, it gets even better.

It’s believed the Victorian hosting rights will allow for a few regional-specific events to be introduced for the games.

“Right now, we are pretty confident downhill trolley racing will be the first special headline event announced,” said Andrews to The Advocate today.

“Obviously we will have doubles trolley racing and singles trolley racing, with a mixture of local steep streets in the mix.”

“Something like the Warrandyte-Kangaroo Ground Road”

“I’m not really sure about what there is outside of Melbourne obviously, so I’ll leave it to the organisers to sort out.”

“Unfortunately we aren’t sure about the legalities of alcohol, but hopefully it will be permitted.”

“We are also considering things like Shopping Centre Car Park Drifting and Tarp Sliding as well.”

“Exciting times ahead”

More to come.


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