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Journalists at the nation’s public broadcaster have put the jug on and taken the plastic off a slab of Arnott’s Assorted Creams this morning in anticipation of the NSW Police’s infamous Fixed Persons Unit showing up at the door.

Details emerged this morning via an ABC Investigation that former NSW top cop, Michael ‘Mick’ Fuller APM, owned a racehorse with a lot of movers and shakers in Sydney, the southern hemisphere’s largest open-air sewer.

One of those co-owners won a $3m [redacted by legal] contract for NSW Police, which some at the ABC reckon is a pretty [redacted by legal] look so they brought it to everyone’s attention.

However, that is not allowed because Mick Fuller is an extremely well-paid public servant who wanted this to remain a [redacted by legal] among the boys.

In the past, the NSW Fixated Persons Unit has been used to arrest people who are fixated on public servants and who make them feel sad in the head and heart.

Which is why the ABC is getting ready, they say, for the NSW Police Fixated Persons Unit to come and start [redacted by legal] people.

The Advocate spoke very briefly to a reporter from the ABC but it was interrupted by someone from legal who [redacted by legal] this article.

More to come.


  1. I would really like to (redacted by legal) these (redacted by legal). It seems that (redacted by legal) sticks to these people like (redacted by legal) to a blanket. When the horse owning (redacted by legal) retires perhaps he would be the perfect head of the ICAC that these (redacted by legal) think they will put in place whe Mr Palmer (redacted by legal) wins the election for them.


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