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A group of hungover blokes have been spotted battling it pretty hard at the hard rock cafe today, going into mouth breathing mode as they struggled to look even remotely socially acceptable.

It’s alleged the men had been hitting it hard all weekend in celebration of Ian’s wedding, going on a themed pub crawl which saw a few of the less pissfit mates getting left behind like sad, drunk little anchors.

Starting at the Wesley Tavern, which was unwisely kicked off with a round of tequila, the men quickly found themselves causing a nuisance at several bars, growing louder and more obnoxious the longer into the night they went.

Adding to the mix an impromptu roundup of nose beers and the men were seen continuing until the wee hours of the morning, before falling asleep in various positions across the airbnb floor.

Of course, despite having one hell of a night, what comes up must come down – and boy, what a come down.

Onlookers report the boys were seen staring despondently at the happily chatting families seated at nearby tables, looking as though they were either seriously contemplating life or trying to stifle a vomit – with not a single word escaping their lips or even the faintest of movements.

It was only when the big breakfasts arrived that the boys were able to move again, weakly shuffling their forks across the plates and shakily shovelling tiny morsels of egg into their mouths.

More to come.


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