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A local girl has today finally realised her Jane Austen dreams, after successfully talking her boyfriend into purchasing an outfit that looked straight out of Pride and Prejudice.

It’s alleged Taylor Roy [25] had managed to accomplish what every woman can only hope to achieve, by overhauling her boyfriend’s daggy wardrobe to something a little more tasteful. This has so far included swapping tired tennis shoes for birkenstocks and chucking out every single plaid button up, and an ambitious campaign to retire his ten year old baggy jeans.

Using this slow approach, Taylor had introduced key wardrobe items at the pace of roughly one a month, using words of affirmation when he wore something nice, and offering constructive criticism when he wore something incredibly daggy.

But undoubtedly, her greatest feat yet has been the eye watering purchase of a billowing white linen shirt, that looks exactly like the one Mr Darcy wore in his infamous pond scene.

This is of course referring to the far superior BBC Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth, which Taylor finds herself watching at least once a year  – followed shortly by a Bridget Jones’s marathon, where he pretty much plays the same character again.

Staring in awe at Ryan as she imagined him dripping wet with pond scum, Taylor wonders if she could push her luck by getting a tweed jacket for winter.

More to come.


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