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Ben Strudwick (29), current second row prop forward for the Ramsgate Football Club, has thrown up the possibility of altering his usual pub attire this Saturday Night while watching Australia’s Favourite Sporting Team, the Tillies, in action.

Strudwick, also known as ‘Pig’ for an incident occurring on a football trip to Airlie Beach five years ago, to which he has declined to comment upon, says the decision is one that he has not taken lightly. 

“When you think about it, it’s really fucked what women have been through.”

“Social structures, beliefs and hierarchies have been in place preventing women from achieving the heights that they otherwise could. It’s called the glass ceiling. Did you know that women couldn’t even vote or own property until the early 20th century?”

A tear came to his eyes as he continued.

“It’s just that when I watch Sam Kerr and the girls play, I feel like the girls can do anything.”

The tear turned into a stream as he added, “Yeah the girls.” 

Strudwick, a chippie by trade, says that riding the rollercoaster of the Tillies has made him feel like an “ally” and that he wants the world to know where he stands as he downs a few schooners and watches our girls send the French packing all the way back to their little tower this Saturday night.  

“I’m proud and I want to keep going. This is all new to me, like, I don’t know what to do next. Should I let everyone know my proeys in my bio?”

Where Ben’s allyship will extend to next is a journey still unfurling, but when this Betoota Correspondent asked what Strudwick thought of women’s sports outside of just the matildas, his response was swift:

“You know it’s just called ‘sports’,” he said, “Not women’s sports’, it’s the same game.” 


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