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WHO’DA THUNK IT: In a very unexpected twist, a local Betoota Heights woman has recently started to enjoy watching competitive sports on television. 

After spending many years politely smiling and nodding while her male friends, family members, coworkers, acquaintances and various retail and hospitality employees talked at her about the ins and outs of their favourite professional sports, the woman found herself sitting down to watch the recent football (she knows it’s called ‘football’ and not ‘soccer’ as she has been corrected many times in the past) game between the Matilda’s and Denmark.

The media hype around the game, and the fact that it’s all female, was enough for the woman to switch her TV from a hate-watch of And Just Like That, to a curious-watch of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

What happened next was unprecedented. A glorious sea of laminated brows, messy buns, plaits and ponytails flooded the woman’s screen. Her eyes were not accosted by the usual mullets, thick thighs and brick necks that would squash her if she ever found herself under one.

The woman could actually see herself in these players, and she felt something she had never felt while watching sports before… enjoyment. 

“Not only that, but did you see how nice the Tilly’s… sorry is it ok if I call them Tilly’s? I’m new so I’m not sure what the rules are… but anyway they were SO nice to the Denmark girls after they lost, like actually comforting them. It blew my mind. Also it looks like they smell good. I don’t know why that’s important but it is to me.”

When asked if she will continue to watch the FIFA WWC or any other competitive women’s sports, the woman told the Advocate “Absolutely.”

“We’re living in a post Barbie movie world now and I’m loving it”.


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