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An NRL player has finally broken his silence after a shocking weekend.

Speaking under the condition of anonymity, the 150 game back-rower spoke exclusively to The Advocate this morning about his appalling behaviour over the weekend.

Fresh off the back of some seriously decent SuperCoach performances, the middling NRL player said he feels terrible about his shocking point score over the weekend.

Putting up a meagre 23, the normally explosive hole runner with a strong work ethic fell kilometres away from his ceiling, and well, well below his expected floor.

For those unfamiliar with the the concept of SuperCoach, the game is a popular fantasy format that allows people to pick their own team of players who score points based upon their on field performance.

While many may dismiss this pastime as little more than Dungeons and Dragons for jocks and gambling addicts, SuperCoach is actually one of the most emotionally draining and mentally demanding second jobs anyone can have.

Which is why when players like the aforementioned NRL backrower let team managers down, it can be incredibly frustrating.

“Mate, he absolutely fucked me,” sighed Brayden Heath, 29, from Betoota Heights.

“I had him in classic and in draft.”

“He lost me a crucial H2H with my best mate.”

“So when I saw him at the Caxton after the game, I just had to let him know.”

“I’m just disappointed.”

The NRL player has promised to lift his game moving forward.

“I don’t want to let him down again.”

More to come.


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