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Tired of not being able to lose weight?

Sick of looking at those pesky kilos in the mirror?

Frustrated that you can’t get your hands on a drug manufactured to help people with a diagnosed medical condition?

Annoyed you aren’t a celebrity who can take the drug out of the hands of people who need it?

Well, a resident Personal Trainer here in Betoota has an easy fix for you!

With the diabetes drug Ozempic in short supply and black market chemists being raided for manufacturing the stuff, Tyrone Thompson from Vision Personal Fitness here in Betoota has offered up a simple solution for people looking to lose weight without making any changes to their lifestyle.

Speaking about his unique diet hack, Tyrone says his method is fast, unsustainable and just as dangerous as black market Ozempic.

“Raw Chicken baby,” said Tyrone, a certified medical professional as well as medical trainer.

“And, it’s natural!”

“Apart from all of the hormones and steroids that get pumped into the chickens.”

“But aside from that, it’s a natural remedy for weight loss.”

Tyrone says all you need to do is eat 1-3 fillets of raw chicken per week, and you could see the Ozempic results.

“A regular adult male diet should see you consume 2000-3000 calories per day.”

“With this, you can actually go into negative calories by purging everything in your body from the day before as well as not consuming anything for at-least 48 hours after.”

“Each cycle of the raw chicken could see you lose up to 2-3 kilos per go.”

When asked about how people should consume the morsel, Tyron offered up some tips.

“Soy sauce is a great low calorie seasoning!”

“The first few gags are really hard, but if you drown the breast in soy sauce and dip it in wasabi, it’s quite easy to get down.”

On top of all that, Tyrone says it can save you money too!


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