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A new portal, inspired by the Dublin-NYC portal, has opened today between Tasmania and the mainland.

The NYC Dublin Portal is a cool new project that connects New York City and Dublin in real-time through an immersive video link. It’s like having a live chat with someone on the other side of the Atlantic, making it easy to share stories, exchange cultural vibes, and even collaborate on creative projects. Whether you’re exploring mutual interests or just having a friendly conversation, this portal brings the spirit of both cities closer together in a fun and interactive way.

However, the local version of the portal is voice-only.

The Tasmanian end of the portal is a “Telstra Payphone” in the carpark out the back of Ulverstone’s Lighthouse Hotel. On the mainland, another “Telstra Payphone” has been installed on Abeckett Street in Inverloch, outside the Esplanade Hotel.

Already, queues have formed at each portal where Tasmanians and mainlanders alike have been waiting patiently for their turn to trade insults and mangle the King’s English.

One witness in Inverloch relayed to The Advocate that groups of young men in ripped puffer jackets were calling people on the Tasmanian end of the portal “inbreds” and “crab people”.

“This wasn’t a good idea,” they said.

“One conversation, this bloke introduced himself and the Tasmanian dude did the same. Then the Victorian guy told him to get fucked. Honestly, you can’t give Australians anything nice. They’ll take the piss out of it until the government has to step in and take it away.”

More to come.


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