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A furious Peter Dutton has today taken to the media to call for drastic action.

The nation’s Opposition Leader has demanded that Australia boycott the upcoming T20 World Cup and leave the ICC.

Dutton made the staggering claims this morning, after what he says were ‘outrageous comments’ from the International Cricket Council.

The Opposition leader has explained his position, stating that the ICC has ‘absolutely no right to be criticising Israel.’

“Put simply, it’s disgraceful and unacceptable,” said Dutton.

“And Australia needs to take firm and immediate action.”

Normally one to furiously demand that sports and politics be kept seperate, Dutton says he made the decision to muddy the waters after hearing that the ICC had issued an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“They have no jurisdiction whatsoever over International leaders, and quite frankly, Australians don’t want to be lectured to by a cricketing body.”

“Not one that is controlled by India anyway,” said a visibly irate Dutton, who has had an axe to grind against the organisation ever since John Howard’s ICC presidency bid was thwarted by international players.

Dutton is yet to explain how the exit from the T20 World Cup in The Caribbean and America would feasibly work, but said he will have a vague nuclear style plan sorted at some point.

“If Anthony Albanese has any sense of decency he will order those boys back home,” said Dutton.

Prime Minister Albanese and Foreign Minister Penny Wong are yet to comment on the issue, but are expected to give some vague wishy washy statement soon.

More to come.


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