Despite being both scared witless at the idea of unemployment and a little bit excited by the idea of doing nothing all day, local woman Nina Sachs has quickly learned that there’s only so much TV you can watch before life begins to feel like Groundhog Day. 

Faced with the prospect of being devoid of human contact and bored shitless for an undetermined amount of time, Nina’s half-assed attempts at staying productive during isolation are glumly discarded in favour of Netflix and $6 Sauv Blanc. 

The stash of cheap booze, which Nina had hoped would perk her spirits and make the time pass a little bit more quickly, unfortunately, has had the opposite effect, causing Nina to painfully reflect on every poor decision she’s ever made and do the worst thing she could possibly do in her current state of mind – look up her ex.

Tentatively typing his name into Facebook’s search bar, a drunken Nina hovers over Luke’s profile picture with her mouse cursor before deep diving in and seeing what the good looking bastard has been up to all year.

Appeased that his relationship status remained unchanged but unsure who the ‘blonde bitch’ hanging off his arm was, a pissed Nina shamefully clears her search history and vows to never look him up, again.

More to come.


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