Proud Italian-Australian, Gianluca Di Bianchi (27), swears he knew that Sinner bloke before he won the Australian Open claiming that, “Italians just do it better mate”.

According to Gianluca, he had been keeping his eye on the rising star for years. Despite having only been to Italy once and not speaking the language, like many Italian-Australians, Gianluca has a deep connection to any Italian success around the world.

While he assured the Advocate that the only reason he wasn’t able to watch any of the tennis was because he was busy drinking wine and eating bread with cured meats, he says he knew Sinner would take the grand-slam back to the motherland.

“You could tell he was going to win from the start, one thing about us Italians is that we make winning look easy, it’s in our blood.” Gianluca proudly declared.

While many of his close friends report that they’ve never once heard about Gianluca watching tennis, or even the Italian national sport of soccer, he insists that’s not the case.

“Bro I’ve been watching Gli Azzurri play with my Nonno since I was a kid, I was devastated when we didn’t make the last world cup, honestly there was something fishy going on when I think about it”.

After going on a 20 minute conspiracy about a potential anti-Italian bias in the world of soccer coordinated by the Germans and French, Gianluca reminded us that Sinner’s great Australian open win – that he definitely watched – has reinvigorated Italian pride around the world.

“Yeah after so much heartbreak on the soccer pitch over the last decade, Italians around the world really needed this, I just wish he had a more Italian sounding na..”

“Nah good on him. Italian through and through. Like me”


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