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Courtney Lawson stirs awake, feeling the left hand side of her mattress sag with the familiar weight of a body. Opening her eyes as she nestles closer into the figure, the telltale scent of grape flavoured vape and a hint of BO signals that her husband Josh is home after a night at the pokies, and should the reasonably sized member pressing into her back be any indication, it’s a sign he’s won big. 

“Have a good night?”, Courtney murmurs, her voice husky with sleep as she turns around to face him, “what time is it?”

“3 am”, he answered, letting out one short, spluttering cough.

Half asleep as she attempts to unpeel the dirt encrusted shirt from Josh’s sweaty body, Anita is briefly taken aback as the unveiling releases a waft of trapped body odour from a ten hour shift on the worksite, which even a generous spray of Lynx Africa evidently couldn’t contain.

Which as a nurse, wasn’t the worst thing she smelled today, but hardly a stench you want to make love to.

“Pound town time babe”, Josh prompts, his clammy hands urgently exploring her body like he was trying to find the last crumbs stuck in the corner of the chip packet, “I’ve got five minutes.”

“I think we can do it in two”, Courtney purrs, wrapping her leg around his, “but you do mind taking a shower first?”

“You fucking stink.”

More to come.


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