You wouldn’t know her name, but you’ve been seeing the work of Coco McCartney most nights on your TV.

A costume designer by trade, Coco is the lead stylist of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, a position she’s held since he was elected the leader of the Labor Party in 2019.

Tasked with the role of coordinating Albo’s outfits for all public occasions, from the opening of a new dog food factory to major meetings with world leaders, it’s understood today Coco is searching for a new hat for Albo as he contemplates a trip to North Queensland.

“Usually for anything regional we’d dust off one of his banana bread brown Akubras,” Coco told The Advocate from the steps of Albo’s personal costume truck, “but when I googled how north we have to fly I thought we better get him something more serious.”

With a trip to Townsville on the cards to survey the damage of Cyclone Kirrily, Coco told our reporter that a cute brown Akubra, like the one city people wear on a winery tour of the Hunter or Yarra Valley, just won’t do.

“No, ever since Jetstar opened Byron up to the masses everyone knows those fawn brown hats are for city types going away on a “me-time” retreat, but for a place like Charters Towers, I need a proper Stetson, one with some serious width and a horse tassel.”

“It’s going to be hard to find one around here in Marrickville, but I’m sure some of those cowboy cosplay stores along Newtown might have one.” 

“Although I might need to source some Ariat boots from a Horesland out in Dural, a pollie wearing polished R.M Williams won’t go down well in Bundy country.”

More to come.


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